Bukele Token

The people's token


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Bukele Token Explained

Bukele Token is a community driven coin that aim to bring an opportunity of investment for new generations on the cardano blockchain, attract them into the new defi world taking advantage of Cardano low fees and faster network.


How Bukele Token will increase value for the long term?

Bukele team has a lot of experience in project development, different techniques has been already implemented to the project such as Staking with Tangent Protocol, farming on minswap, Bukele roadmap, burning mechanism, Bukele nest.


All above mentioned has already been implemented to the project and we planing to add more over time! Everything work together to keep running our Bukele Protocol designed to bring value to the project for the short and the long term!


Token Utility and Project Achievement 

We are developing to give the coin utility for the community, check out the list! 


✅Staking! powered by TANGENT Protocol. Check here

✅Farming! Available on Minswap! Seach Bukele 

✅Bukele roadmap check here

✅Bukele Nest check here

✅Bukele Protocol cycle check here

✅Bukele Burning mechanism 🔥

✅Bukelepedia, intuitive how to videos! Check here

-NFT Collection coming soon

- BUKELE Lending! (In the future)

- Bitcoin city alternative form of payment( in the future) 




BUKELE🐦 Tokenomics

🟢Total Supply 100,000,000,000
🟢Distributed in Presale - 45%
🟢DEX liquidity deposit - 40%
🟢 Special utility TBA - 5%
🟢Airdrops - 5%
🟢Reserved - 5%
Market will decide initial $BUKELE/ADA value through presale
0% to Founder. Fair launch.



We are taking 0% percent of the supply. We will buy the presale like any other participants.

This is why Bukele token is called the people's token

Trade Bukele on Minswap

Trade Bukele on MuesliSwap