Bukele Protocol



Bukele Nest

BUKELE Nest is a back up fund for the token, the main purpose is to bring ADA to the project increasing token value over time in the short and the long term.

Bukele Nest starting value is 15,000 ADA Staked, 70% of this fund will be used for multiple investment over the crypto space then profits going to be used solely to feed Bukele bird🐦

🔴This fund will be used to buy BUKELE Not to Sell!

Here is a link of BUKELE Nest wallet.



Bukele Nest Cicle


Nest cicle is designed to bring as many Adas as possible to the project and give value to the token over time!

Bitcoin city

Bukele protocol will lead our bird 🐦 to BItcoin city!, that going to be build in La Union, El Salvador using Volcano bonds. More Investment will be made there to keep giving value to our token!

By this point Bukele will have 3 main utilities

🟢Use the coin as alternative form of payment on bitcoin city

🟢Use the coin for lending