Our bird fly🐦


1️⃣ Incubating egg 🥚. 

Early stage peoples start trusting our project and help to incubate our egg spreading some ADA in a Presale.


2️⃣Bukele born.

Bukele labor was smooth and beautiful, token launch on Minswap Dex with a high grade of acceptance by the community. 


Bird is learning to fly, in order to keep our bird journey stable we will offer staking options for our community so holders will be rewarded with juicy apy for short and long terms, this will create a more sustainable community and attract new investors to join our bird fly.


4️⃣Stabilizing wings 

Bird has to be flying so we will boost with influenced marketing in twitter, youtube etc, keeping our base holders active and attract more to join our bird journey.


Peoples love aridrops, we will use some distribution services like dripdropz for rewards, also offering giveaways on twitter to keep community motivated.



Burning wallet will be created! different burning mechanism will be implemented like team members burning, community burning, staking pool rewards burning(for team), liquidity pool fees will be used for burning 🔥. Also burning countdown will be provided!



8️⃣CEX listing

Once our lovely bird 🐦 is flying high driven by the community, then market cap and volume in good working order, our bird will fly to a centralized exchange!

9️⃣Bird arrive to bitcoin city.

Not is not a a joke, $BUKELE token was mainly created to be used as an alternative form of payment in bitcoin city in La Union, El Salvador taking advantage of ADA low fees and faster network. (We are not government based DAO)  our mechanism of implementation will be simple,  giving away some $BUKELE to bitcoin city residents so they can use it to trade goods similar to what they did in Sunzal beach in la Libertad El salvador (now used in the whole country)